UV Sterilizer

The Power Of UV-C Disinfection Proven To Kill Germs Including Viruses Now With A New Automatic Sterilizer For Home And Business

The Touchpoint Sterilizer Kills 99.9% Of Viruses, Germs, And Bacteria In Seconds With A Special UV Light Fixture That Are Mounted Above The Door Handle To Safely And Effectively Self-Sterilize The Handle After Every Ese

Product Sterilization Solutions Available For Small Business To Large Corporations.

Bizgad Implements The Best Ultraviolet technology To Kill 99.9% of Bacteria And Viruses


What is a Bizgad UV Sterilizer?

With special Ultraviolet-C lights, the Bizgad Sterilization process is a fast and efficient germ cleaning unit, that kills up to 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria on contact.

How does UV Sterilization work?

The Bizgad UV Sterilizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses using powerful UV-C LED light. UV-C, a short wavelength light invisible to the human eye, kills these germs by disrupting their DNA so they can’t function or reproduce. The UV-C sanitizer maximizes sanitization effectiveness between light dispersion angle and UV-C intensity to ensure optimal ultraviolet light exposure across both sides of your devices.